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Safety has been the top priority in the NCBA since its founding. As a member group of USA Boxing, we follow USA Boxing safety and technical rules but also have a set of USA Boxing approved set of rules and guidelines specifically for college boxing.  Some of these are listed below.

  • Club recognition and oversight by colleges

  • Limit on prior experience

  • Rule changes approved by membership

  • More weight classes with less differential between classes

  • Pre-matched bouts for all home shows and invitationals

  • Eligibility limits on experience prior to attending college and joining the NCBA


  • Headgear is required

  • 12oz gloves for all weight classes

  • All Bouts contested in 3 x 2 minute rounds

  • Annual physicals and pre/post-match exams

  • USA Boxing certified coaches

In addition to the USA Boxing certification, NCBA coaches are required to complete the Team USA Safe Sport program - this requirement and link will be presented when registering as a USA Boxing non-athlete.  Coaches are also strongly encouraged to become Red Cross CPR & First Aid certified and take CDC Heads Up Concussion online training courses.


CDC Heads Up

American Red Cross First Aid

First Aid

and Boxing

Training Documents


Athlete safety and success require a well planned and executed training plan. USA Boxing has compiled a number of training documents over the years to help develop boxers. Below are a few of these documents. Every college boxing program is a little different so the document below presents some examples of program design written by the club presidents and coaches themselves.


USAB Grassroots

Training Manual

NCBA Example Programs

(New Feature)

Athletes and coaches should have a firm understanding of USA Boxing rules. Here are the newest editions of the USA Boxing rules and the NCBA specific rules.

USA Boxing


NCBA Rules

(Coming Soon)

Athlete Physical Form

Pre-Bout Physical Form

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