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The first set of amateur college boxing rules was drafted in 1920. Since 1976, the NCBA has governed amateur boxing at the college level under the umbrella of USA Boxing. In the 21st century, college boxing is strong and growing!


Collegiate boxing provides student athletes opportunities for safe competition, travel, character development, and cultivates the extraordinary fitness and discipline required by the sport.

Joining is easy, training is hard.

Why the NCBA? More clubs, more events, more competition, more support. The NCBA hosts 4 tournaments and dozens of invitationals and home shows every season. These events are often televised or streamed live. There are events all over the country on any weekend between August and April. As members of USA Boxing, athletes can also compete in non-NCBA amateur boxing events. The NCBA provides full support for its member clubs through coaches’ clinics, discounts on gear, training support, equipment grants, and event travel grants.


The process begins with gaining recognition from your college as a club sport or student organization. The NCBA Club Manual has information on starting a club, along with a wealth of information on running a club and hosting shows.


Watch this video to see how easy it is to join!

Download the



Institutional Eligibility Certificate

Athlete Eligibility Certificate

Declaration of Prior Experience

USA Boxing Athlete Physical Form

Once your club is recognized, you can begin the registration process.  If you have any questions during the process, don’t hesitate to contact the NCBA Compliance Chair.

Click here for USA Boxing Registration

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